Oct 4, 2015

fun with Klimt

Klimt Korn
Not sure how it happened....but when creating a new fun piece....candy corn...Klimt came to mind.
How that happened with a little piece of candy, I'm not sure.
However...the marriage of the two seems to be a thing of beauty. Who knew.
I just love the patterns and the shiny gold & silvers. Perfect. I found myself carving more stamps to use with my Gelli Plates to create even more lovely papers for it.
I am now on a bit of a roll with some more Klimt inspired Torn Paper Paintings. Stay tuned.
I do believe a series is on the way...lol
You never know where inspiration will come from.
Sometimes the least likely places!!
Embrace it.

Sep 25, 2015


of  "corn"....Indian corn!!
A sure sign of fall...along with pumpkins. Hmmm....maybe I should consider painting pumpkins??
Anyway....here's another 3ft tall piece....colorful Indian corn!
I'm really enjoying working on these tall pieces.
This one makes a great match for the tall asparagus painting.
Hope they manage to find a home together!!

Sep 11, 2015

Larger than life!

I've always been drawn to art that displayed the most common items in a larger than life format.
Something about elevating the small things in life not normally thought about to the status of something extra large and important has always made me stop and think. Suddenly you recognize details and color and beauty that you hadn't even given a thought to before.
Well...when I woke up one morning with the idea of an "asparagus" painting in my mind...I just knew that this was one of those pieces.  I mean really....how could it be anything less!!
Soo...this 3 foot asparagus paper painting was born.
I think it has quickly become one of my favorites at this point.
Certainly makes me appreciate all the detail and beauty in this simply little veggie!!

Aug 19, 2015

The big news is out!!!

Whew....I've been holding it in for at least 8 months now!!!
Back in Dec I was selected to be one of the featured artists in a new North Light Book....Incite 3, Art of Storytelling, Best of Mixed Media!!
By early Jan I had to have the image scans & all required paperwork in the mail.

Sooo....what kept me from saying anything then???  I'll tell you. There is always that little bottom line in contracts concerning publications letting you know that at the last minute, while things are being worked on and the formatting is happening....anything can change.
The last thing I wanted was to tell the world that I was going to be included in this book before I was completely sure that it all went well and that I would indeed be there.

That question was answered for me last night as I was flipping through the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.
There it was....the first ads for the new Incite 3 book....and the pics of my artwork....bold & beautiful!
I can't begin to tell you how exciting that was...to not only have that confirmation, but to see it in the first ad for the upcoming book!!

I can now say a big "thank you" to all the people responsible for that ad since it has saved me many more weeks of waiting to announce this....considering even the pre-orders from Amazon have the date set for mid Oct.
I'm beyond excited to have been included as one of the featured artists in this book along with so many other fine artists. I'm sure we'll all be inspired by each others works.
I'm also honored to be in a publication as wonderful as North Light Books. I've been a fan of their books for many years and have a vast library of them.
It is so exciting to know that the next book I add to that collection...I'll be in! Feels sooo great!!!

Jul 29, 2015

A Very Small World

Yes....it always amazes me at how small the world really is...and even more so with the invention of the internet.

This realization became even more clear this past week. Can you imagine...waking up in the morning in New England, and having email from a lovely person in Tanzania! I know...this shouldn't be so surprising in this day and age....but it still tickles me!
The even better part...hearing from this nice person, Lynn, that she discovered my Torn Paper Paintings work online and it has become an inspiration to her. Wow...now that's hard to beat!

Lynn's collage
Lynn happened to see my "Golden Bucket" which was a project I had done for one of Cloth Paper Scissors Emags. Being inspired by this and using only magazine pages, she then created her own version which she sent me this pic of.  Beautiful job!
We have since been in touch each day and have exchanged information about ourselves and our art and I've been able to answer more of her questions with regard to the technique to help her on her journey in this process.

As other artists know, when we do our art we work mostly in isolation. It's just the nature of things. We go about our art journey hoping that there are others out there we can reach and who will enjoy what it is we do...but seldom do we get the chance to connect with them.
To have another artist reach out from across the planet to comment on what we are doing and to share their interest is a very special thing.
I have truly enjoyed this unexpected connection and as an artist...couldn't ask for more than to hear that I have inspired someone else in their creativity.

In her own words... "Please do feel free to use these pictures to show others what your wonderful and very kind words inspired! This was really a great way to start a new art - not reinventing the wheel, but using your experience to create something I can be quite pleased with for a first attempt. Thank you again."

Lynn...thank you for taking the time to say hello!!