Nov 30, 2014


Is it Dec already??? will be in the morning!!!
Wow....I never seem to know where the time goes. If Dec. goes as quickly as Nov. did....I'd better get really!
The beginning of the month started with getting my new car...well, "new to me". She's a 2012 Mini, and in the most yummy color!!
Then, I finally got to hold the workshop for a private club...The Providence Handicraft Club. Had to cancel the previous date due to that being the day my old car got hit on the highway while trying to get there that morning. It was a great group of gals and a beautiful old building. This is just one (swimmer) of the works created that day!!
Well....I did manage to get some of my own art done.
I've been creating not only some 6"x6" Torn Paper Paintings ornament "paintings"....but I've also been doing some actual 3D ornaments. They are created on paper mache forms and layered with paper and varnish just as the paintings are. They are already a bit of a hit and I've got a batch going off to The Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis tomorrow! I also dropped off two more Whale Tail paintings at the gallery just over a week ago!
Then of course....Yes....we've just had thanksgiving!!!
It was a really lovely day. My husband & I & my MIL were invited to spend this holiday with our daughters new in-laws! It worked out beautifully and made for a nice way to all be able to enjoy the day together without the issue of who is going to who's house to see who!! We all know how tough that can be on newlyweds!! For this event I was to bring the cake. Well....I saw one on pinterest that caught my interest....and just had to make it. Almond/choco fudge shaped into pinecones with sliced almonds were the top of the cake.....a winner!
No....didn't get into the Black Friday thing....but I do plan to take a bit of advantage of Cyper Monday tomorrow!!
Soo....I do believe I've caught you up on what's been happening! Will try to do better :)
If you ever find me going MIA again....check in on the Torn Paper Paintings fan page. You don't have to have a Facebook account to see the page.
It'll bring you right up to date till I get back here again!!
Happy Dec!

Nov 2, 2014

Wrap it up!!!

Just received my first sample rolls of wrapping paper made from some of my Torn Paper Paintings images.
Can't believe how cute they came out.
These sweet rolls of paper are available now from Spoonflower. They do such an awesome job. I received these rolls to check on the color and quality of the product. They are the "satin" papers. Beautiful!!
Awesome quality and very rich papers.
You can get these beauties just in time for the holiday season.
There are also many other images to choose go ahead and check them out!!
I know I plan to use some of these myself!! :)

Oct 24, 2014

Maine workshop

If there's ever been a pretty area to hold a workshop in's Maine.
A couple of weeks ago I gave a Torn Paper Paintings workshop in Bath, Maine. It's such a charming town. I've always enjoyed visits there....and I get to do that on a regular basis since I have a friend who doesn't live very far from town.
How nice it was to have a "Sold Out" class at the Centre St Arts Gallery. Love the two day classes since that gives everyone a good chance to complete a great piece of art!

The gallery was a terrific host for the weekend and they provided us all with a great space as well as some yummy baked goods & coffee!! Thanks to all!
The class was a fun group filled with students at all levels in their creativity!! As a result..there was much fun and laughter as well as a wide range of subjects chosen for their art.

 The pics here are just a sampling of the terrific artwork everyone created that weekend.
They all left very proud of what they accomplished and I certainly don't blame them!!

The gallery is looking to set a date for a spring weekend class next.
Since we had a sellout for the first one....if you're thinking of going to the next...I'd advise booking your spot early.

See you in the springtime!!

Oct 12, 2014


With autumn in the air and the leaves changing colors....I felt it was a good time to create some Gelli Print papers with some of those lovely leaves for using in my Torn Paper Paintings.
Using different shades of green...I impressed several leaves into the plate ...vein side down to create the best markings. Love the effect.
(click on pic for large image)

Next I used a bit more autumn color with the impressions of some different leaves.

Finally....using a heavily embossed and textured wallpaper, I made my impressions with this using more autumn colors.....Love it!!!

The paper created a real depth!

Sep 28, 2014

Reverse stamping - a Gelli trick

Have you ever wished that the image on one of your rubber stamps faced the "other" direction??
Or...maybe you wanted the images to face each other!!
Yeah...we all have from time to time.
Well....I've got another little "Gelli Plate" trick to do just that....reverse stamping.

roll paint then stamp
I do it using acrylic paint because that's what I like....and when I want the images to be used in my Torn Paper Paintings....acrylic works best with the gel medium.

First...if you're using the image in it's "intended" position....using a brayer, roll on a layer of paint and stamp the image normally.
Here, I'm stamping on one of my Gelli printed envelopes.

Click for larger pic

Then...for reversing the image....roll the acrylic paint on again...only this time, carefully stamp the image onto the Gelli Plate. I love using my 3"x5" for this. You see the image on the gelli as you would if you'd stamped it on paper....but, once you "flip" the Gelli to use as a stamp....the image is automatically reversed! stamp....two images!!!