Feb 4, 2016

Fun with gel

Gel mediums....sooo much fun to be had.
I've recently been experimenting with different types of gel mediums to add a new texture dimension to my Torn Paper Paintings.
Many of my subject have a beachy seaside feel since I live on the New England coast. Among these subjects are of course mermaids.
Well....some of these gel experiments are going to come in quite handy with the backgrounds. I'm talking about "gel skins". Lovely thin layers you can design with colors and movement...then when dry, can peel them up and use them in the paintings.
I'm in the middle of working with some of these little gems...and will give you a better explanation on doing them after the experiments are complete.
I've added just one pic here to inspire you and get the wheels turning.
Trust me....creating these can be as addicting as working on the Gelli Plates. They are nothing alike...but both have endless possibilities!!!

Jan 11, 2016

2016 - Changes

Sometimes things don't go quite as expected when welcoming in the New Year.
Original plans were to stoke the fireplace, make munchies, and open a bottle of champagne.
Instead...we were off to the hospital for my sister-in-law who ended up in Boston undergoing unexpected brain surgery!!!
My husband stayed the night at the hospital and we wished each other a "happy new year" at midnight over the phone.

Amy had done battle with two previous rounds of breast cancer and we were all under the impression that she'd won and had moved on. The cancer, however, ended up going to her brain...and what we would later find out...her liver as well.

My lovely sister-in-law is the new pastor at a church in Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard. I posted about her earlier this year. All the lovely new parishioners at her church are rallying around her....bringing her meals and offers of transportation wherever need be....not to mention tending to her young dog. I send loads of (((Hugs))) and "thank you"s to them!!!

She is a strong woman with much faith and determination!! While we all know there is a long and rocky road ahead for her to maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible...she has strength coming from many directions.
She is out of the hospital and back on the island and doing her best already to be of service. I admire her determination and I believe we'll all learn a thing or two about faith as well as grace in these difficult times just by watching this lady.
Please feel free to send an extra blessing or prayer for Amy.
Any and all are most welcome.

Prayers will also be said for all of you as well...to have a smooth and healthy 2016!

Dec 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

No matter what or how you celebrate....I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a very Happy Holiday!!!

Dec 19, 2015

Oh My

Time certain has gotten by me. Yikes...can't believe how long it's been since my last post.
You know how this season can be....something going on all the time. Holidays are like that!
Trying to keep up with the everyday things...plus the art...and the holidays.....it's a wonder that the entire month didn't get past me. Oh yes...lets not forget having a root canal in the midst of this!!
Yes...I have certainly been busy.
The 3D ornaments I started last year were a big hit then...and again this year. Had to produce plenty of those.
Then I got into the spirit with some Christmas candy Torn Paper Paintings. They were such fun. Still actually working on a few.
This weekend has been the first where the weather has been chilly enough to remind us it's Dec in New England. Been it the upper 50's to 60 recently....and due to be that way next week. Predicted for Christmas Eve...60!!  We are going to be such babies by the time we get hit with snow....and we WILL!!
Odds are that I'll be distracted again for a while....so, until the holidays are over and I surface again...have a wonderful holiday season!!

Nov 30, 2015

Open for Business!!

Well...it's been a long time in coming and a lot of hard work....but the new Torn Paper Paintings "Zazzle" store is now up and running.
I've spent many months working on setting this up in between doing my actual paintings along with all my promotional work.
I've also managed to receive and evaluate the quality of many of the products offered. I'd never allow my name to be placed on products that I couldn't stand behind and feel proud of. This is why I've done all the work with this shop personally.
Here is just a sampling of the products I've looked over personally.
So far...I've been proud of all of them...so Yes...I'd stand behind them and this is why I've let the shop go "live" now!
We're just in time for the holiday shopping season.
Another thing I might add with that in mind.......they ship fast. I'm always soo impressed with how quickly I've received all my products.
I do hope you take the time to check out the store.
If you look at the "new products" section....every single day there are new items added. You may find them there even before I load them into the shop "category" they will be found in later.

I'm soo glad to be an artist in an age where possibilities like this are open for all of us to take advantage of to promote our work.
Soo...take a peek and let me know what you think, either here...or on the Torn Paper Paintings FB FanPage....of what you might love to find there sometime!!!